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Inspired by the cendanawangi (santalum album) from the pristine rainforests in the Heart of Borneo, Cendana represents people who share the same passion to build and grow successful businesses and organizations. And like the wafting, lasting fragrance of its namesake beloved by so many, Cendana connects people from all walks of life – entrepreneurs, customers, partners and employees – in eBusiness communities that make a difference.

All-in-one system

Automated updates and real-time integration across all business functions.

Easy to use

Powerful features at your fingertips.

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Accessible online anytime & anywhere. All you need is a device with a browser and internet connection.


Easily generate financial and analytical reports.

Your CENDANA Choice

Choose the CENDANA that best fits your eBusiness requirement.

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Start Simple, Start Smart.

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Easy, Effective, and Efficient.

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Attractive, Automated, and Affordable.

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Seamless, Streamlined, and Scalable.

Cendana CMS - a big picture

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